There is a strong thread that connects ourselves to the vast amount of science we do and the thousands of dentists and clients we have around the world — it's our research and development. R&D is the heartbeat of Pine Dental Lab.

We set standards in the industry when it comes to equipment quality, manufacturing processes and innovation. And that makes us an opinion leader, prompting global majors — including dental product makers and machine manufacturers — use our expertise and guidance.

All the materials we use in production have proven scientific quality and excellence.

Our passion is improving dental care. And this keeps us at the forefront of innovation. Our dental prosthesis experts are passionate about exploring new ways to address challenges in enhancing smile.

We keep our team on the edge always, helping them hone skills and update in sync with the times. Our technicians and experts go overseas to learn the best of the technologies and come back to enhance our product quality

Our training sessions -- conducted by the best technicians from across the globe --- fuel the passion for scientific inquiry and trains the next generation of technicians.

World-class products is the consequence of our engagement in research and development activities.