dental impression is a negative imprint of hard (teeth) and soft tissues in the mouth from which a positive reproduction (cast or model) can be formed. It is made by placing an appropriate material in a stock or custom dental impression tray which is designed to roughly fit over the dental arches.

v Accurately reproduce the teeth, gums, and relationships between the upper and lower dental arches.

v Provide an inside-the-mouth view of how the teeth fit together that wouldn’t be achievable without sophisticated computer imaging hardware.

v Allow many different types of dental restorations (e.g. crownsinlays, etc.), retainers, mouth guards, and trays to be made with great accuracy.

v Establish a point of reference to which future changes can be compared if needed.


v  All repetitions and correction should be informed within 7 days and will be accepted only with fresh models along with initially supplied model

v  Repetitions will be charged at 50% of the actual rate of the work and additional tax, if any.

v  Patient cannot claim warranty in the pricelist will not have any warranty.


v  We need 7 working days to complete a work except Friday and other holidays.

Urgent Orders

v  Will be charge 10% extra. The fabrication time depends on prosthesis type and unit.


v  We always prefer perfect rubber base impression. Don’t pour die stone type IV immediately to the rubber base impression. Pour only after 1 hour.

v  Don’t allow the alginate impression to get dried. Pour die stone type IV immediately. If the model thus prepared is found defective (air bubble, broken stump etc.) discard it and take a new impression rather than trying to produce a second model from the old alginate impression.

v  We need upper and lower full Die Stone IV models to check the occlusion correctly.

v  Provide the bite registration in Silicone putty (not in wax), if necessary.


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