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HAWLEY RETAINER is one of the oldest types of retainers used post-treatment. A removable item, it's made of a combination of plastic and metal that is molded custom to fit your mouth. As you've probably seen, the wires sit against the six front teeth with loops near the canines that allow for minor adjustments as the teeth settle into place.

They consist of wires and clasps that are embedded in an acrylic body that goes over the roof of the patient’s mouth or lies along the tongue side of their lower teeth. A Hawley retainer is quite adjustable, so it can be used to either further refine the alignment of your teeth or can be adjusted to guide your teeth back into place if there is shifting from inadequate wear. Hawley retainers have a very refined construction and are more durable.  

Types of Hawley Retainer that is available in each arch:


        v  Hawley Retainer with C clasps, Ball clasps and Adam clasps

        v  Hawley Retainer with C clasps Solder to labial bow

        v  Hawley Retainer Wrap Around

        v  Hawley Retainer labial bow Soldered to Adam clasps

        v  Hawley Retainer Wrap Around with solder ball clasps

        v  Hawley Retainer with Arrow clasps

        v  Hawley Retainer with clear Bow

        v  Hawley Retainer with “NO” clasp

        v  Hawley Retainer with Bite Plane (anterior or posterior)

        v  Hawley Retainer (Acrylic Flipper)

        v  Hawley Retainer with Spring


        v  Hawley Retainer with C clasps, Ball clasps and Adam clasps

        v  Hawley Retainer with C clasps Solder to labial bow

        v  Hawley Retainer Wrap Around

        v  Hawley Retainer labial bow Soldered to Adam clasps

        v  Hawley Retainer with Occlusal Rests

        v  Hawley Retainer with clear Bow

        v  very simple to personalize

        v  chair time is negligible

        v  Maintains transverse expansion and provides significant anchoring

        v  Due to its versatility, it is very easy to modify and adjust

        v  prevents relapse when the bone is being filled around roots of corrected teeth                

        v  corrects anterior cross bites 

v  Warranty regarding extension, retention, occlusion, contact etc. is only on the basis of the given model.

v  All repetitions and correction should be informed within 7 days and will be accepted only with fresh models along with initially supplied model, work and warranty card.

v  To claim warranty of Pine Dental prosthesis, the patient should consult the same doctor or clinic.

v  Repetitions will be charged at 50% of the actual rate of the work and additional tax, if any.

v  Patient cannot claim warranty in the pricelist will not have any warranty.


v  We need 7 working days to complete a work except Friday and other holidays.

Urgent Orders

v  Will be charge 10% extra. The fabrication time depends on prosthesis type and unit.


v  The proximal margins of the abutments should be parallel or slightly tapering towards occlusal surface. Eliminate undercuts to the maximum. Round all corners.

v  We always prefer perfect rubber base impression. Don’t pour die stone type IV immediately to the rubber base impression. Pour only after 1 hour.

v  Don’t allow the alginate impression to get dried. Pour die stone type IV immediately. If the model thus prepared is found defective (air bubble, broken stump etc.) discard it and take a new impression rather than trying to produce a second model from the old alginate impression.

v  We need upper and lower full Die Stone IV models to check the occlusion correctly.

v  Provide the bite registration in Silicone putty (not in wax), if necessary.

v  The shade will be perfect only if the labial and occlusal clearance is 2mm.

v  VITA classical and VITA 3D Master 9of Ivoclar A-D shade number should be given for ceramic shade selection.

v  Avoid grinding the metal prosthesis at the time of metal trial. This may lead to contamination of metal and ceramic chipped – off.

v  In anterior case, if the patient is satisfied with the temporary crown / bridge, kindly provide a model of that which will help us in imitating the shape and arrangement. Pre – operative models will also be useful in some cases.


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