Structured to Deliver Effective & Efficient Solutions

Based in Bahrain, Pine is supervised by a highly qualified prosthodontist who ensures that our products meet the highest global standards for prosthodontic and orthodontic solutions. Our in-house prosthodontist also brings a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the needs of the dental community and enables effective communication between our customers and our technicians.

Superior Technology for Outstanding Products

Our skilled lab technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment and CAD/CAM technology to bring the greatest degree of precision to the products we offer.

CAD/CAM technology fabricates prosthetic products with advanced scanners and milling machines, in effect, revolutionizing the way these products are made. CAD/CAM-fabricated products deliver unmatched quality by keeping human error to a minimum.

Hygiene & Safety

Pine Dental Lab take every precaution to ensure a sterile environment by adhering to the highest standards for laboratory hygiene. We sterilize the models and impressions we work with, as well as the products we fabricate before they are packaged. Access to the lab is restricted to only authorized personnel – lab technicians and the supervising prosthodontist.

Lab technicians wear protective, sterile clothing at all times; technicians are fully outfitted with protective glasses, caps, shoe covers and mouth masks.

After fabrication, prostheses are cleansed in an ultrasonic cleaner. Pine Dental Labs’ sterilization protocol then requires a 15-minute disinfection phase, after which the products are rinsed, allowed to dry, and then packed in protective plastic covering and Pine’s unique packaging for dispatched products deliver unmatched quality by keeping human error to a minimum.